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Our Sample projects on DataAnalytics, Energy and Blockchain

Case Study:

Healthcare Analytics

Large scale ETL ( Extract, Transform, Load ) of data across several US based healthcare practices using Talend / Postgres, across different data formats : CCDA/HL7, CSV.

Processing daily patient data for over 20+ US based ophthalmology practices Flow/Stream based processing using Apache Nifi, Drill for cross-format data.

Automation scripts in Unix Shell scripts, Python / Pandas.

Mirth Connect / NextGen Connect Healthcare data processing.

Value Delivered

Technology Expertise,
Cost Savings,
Timezone support,
HIPAA certified

Case Study:

Energy Software

Solar Energy Operations & Maintenance- Periodic Performance reports with Guaranteed vs Weather-Adjusted vs Actual Yields, Incidents - tabular and trending charts - Manual reports and Automation.

Solar Plant Design ( for pre-sales ) - Ground mount, Rooftop, Canopy systems using design tools like Sun DAT ( now part of FTC Solar ) - max project size, visual design output, constraints like maintenance offsets, shadows etc - Google Earth/Bing.

Solar Site - Visit Process automation - Mobile application for auto generation of Feasibility Site visit reports with ability to capture data, geo-coords, photos and send them back to central server for report generation.

Solar Project Data visualization - Solar water pump energy generation, Map view of installations and trouble ticketing.

Case Study:

Supply chain on Blockchain

Clustrex customized supply-chain business process modeling and implementation is built on top of industry leading Blockchain solution.

Ability to build a business process.

Ability to manage assets ( with their attributes ) through a chain of business processes.

MRole based access control for actors .

Smart contract to secure access, data provenance and single-source of truth for x-organization.

Potential to deploy across various domains - Energy, Retail, FMCG, Manufacturing, Logistics, AgriTech/Food processing .

Clustrex is involved in Platform Development services and custom application development over the platform.

Value Delivered

Feature Velocity
Cost Savings,
X-Geo Team
Integration Expertise
Potential Regional GtM